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40% of U.S. workers have saved
less than $25,000 for retirement.*

*2019 Retirement
Confidence Survey, EBRI

Only 42% of Americans know how
much money to save for retirement.*

*2019 Retirement Confidence Survey, EBRI

43% of retirees left
the workforce earlier
than planned.*

*2019 Retirement
Confidence Survey, EBRI

"Our Goal"


Working Toward Your Objectives

You spend your life working to accumulate and grow your assets. However, an unpredictable market and an ever-changing tax policy structure create an intricate web of variables that can pose significant challenges as you attempt to maintain and increase your wealth.
Menard Financial Group can help you protect your assets from the challenges these variables create. With our team on your side, your retirement plan will evolve from a general strategy to a fully integrated plan of action. Your plan will incorporate both individual circumstances and contingency plans as we can pool knowledge from our diverse skills in financial planning, investment management, accounting, insurance, tax law, and estate planning. The combined efforts of our dedicated team members will provide you with a cohesive plan that is customized to work for your specific needs. We can help you protect, manage, transfer, and increase your assets.
Charting a Course for Potential Success
Menard Financial Group presents our clients with numerous financial management services. The purpose is to coordinate investment, financial, tax, and estate planning. We carefully analyze many facets of these disciplines including the following:
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Asset Allocation*
  • Customized Financial Plan
  • Tax Returns
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Insurance Documents
  • Advanced Medical Directives 
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Other Estate Planning Documents

 Please note that neither Cetera Advisor Networks LLC nor any of its agents or representatives provides legal or tax advice. For complete details, consult with your tax advisor or attorney


All of these components are analyzed with your investment portfolio to ensure that no detail of your financial plan is overlooked.

Our first step when planning your financial future is to examine your individual situation and to map out a course that we hope will lead you to your financial goals. After this step is completed, we review your plan periodically and make adjustments as demanded by your life's constant big and small changes. As a client of Menard Financial Group you also will receive one-on-one meetings with our staff as your financial situation requires.

We look forward to working with your accountants and attorneys; we want to ensure all possible opportunities are made available to you and that all parts of your financial plan are carefully examined.

It is only when you feel financially confident that our company is fulfilling its mission.